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The Sound Collector

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The Sound Collector, an animation film that uses a combination of collage, paper cut-outs and coloured inks on glass, features Leonard, a six-year-old with an unusual hobby. He collects sounds. Transforming household noises around him into exciting fantasies, he creates an adventure story for his scornful older brother in which knights in armor chase away monsters and perform other daring deeds. This film that will entertain young and old alike lends itself to a variety of classroom uses, to encourage creativity in children, and to stimulate discussion on topics such as individuality, family relationships, and imagination.

1982, 11 min 55 s

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Golden Babe Award - Category: Language Arts
Chicagoland Educational Film Festival
October 3 to November 10 1984, Chicago - USA

Silver Dolphin for Best Children's Film
International Animated Film Festival / CINANIMA
November 15 to 19 1983, Espinho - Portugal