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Standing Alone

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Pete Standing Alone of the Kainai Nation was more at home in the White man's culture than his own as a young man. However, confronted with the realization that his children knew very little about their origins, he became determined to pass down to them the customs and traditions of his ancestors. This hour-long film is the powerful biographical study of a twenty-five-year span in Pete's life, from his early days as an oil-rig roughneck, rodeo rider and cowboy, to the present as an Indigenous man concerned with preserving his tribe's spiritual heritage in the face of an energy-oriented industrial age.

1982, 57 min 50 s

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Certificate of Merit
International Film Festival for Children and Young People
October 1 to 10 1983, Vancouver - Canada

Bronze Medallion for Best Long Documentary
January 30 to February 2 1983, San Antonio - USA