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On Guard for Thee, Part 3: Shadows of a Horseman

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The third part of a trilogy of films on Canada's national security operations and civil liberties during the past half-century. With the dawn of the 1970s, an age of international terrorism set in. National security took on new meaning and new importance. The FLQ crisis and the severe application of the War Measures Act tarnished the shining image of the Mounties, for years the proud symbol of this country. Consternation and bewilderment followed, and it is not clear whether the police were running the politicians, or vice versa. Shocked and demoralized police forces became hesitant headliners at hearings and investigations across the nation. The McDonald Royal Commission conducted a lengthy study of Canada's national security operations and recommended a civilian security force be created to take over from the police.

1981, 56 min 35 s