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A cool, scientific look at weather forecasting, and the drama involved. From far-flung meteorological stations and observation posts, to the weather-plotting station of the Meteorological Station of Canada with its automated mapping machines, this examination of what weather is and how it is anticipated on a world scale makes absorbing viewing. Here, for a change, the weatherman is unquestionably the hero.

1967, 17 min 31 s

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Award for Best Non-dramatic Script given to James Carney
Genie Awards
October 4 1969, Toronto - Canada

Diploma of Honour and Special Mention - Category: Education
International Exhibition of Scientific Films
July 1 1969, Buenos Aires - Argentina

Chris Statuette Award - First Prize - Category: Scientific
International Film and Video Festival
October 24 1968, Columbus - USA

Cup of the Gran Premio of Cinematographic Technique - Category: Technical and Industrial Films
Electronic, Nuclear and Teleradio cinematographic Review
April 7 1968, Rome - Italy

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