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Journey Through Time: The Human Story

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Journey Through Time is an action-packed animation film tracing the evolution of humans from the tiny tree-climbing primate of fifty million years ago to homo sapiens. The film follows this evolving creature through different physical and climatic environments, and through various skill and social developments such as self-defense in groups, tool-making, hunting, meat-eating, discovery of fire, and language development. A film that can be adapted to suit a wide range of ages and education levels.

1983, 10 min 30 s

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Award for Most Original Film of the Festival
Festival international du film scientifique
November 10 to 14 1986, Barcelona - Spain

First Prize - Category: Animation - with a cash prize of 40,000pesetas
Festival internatinal de cinéma de court métrage
April 17 to 26 1985, Murcia - Spain

Second Prize - Category: Films Made by the State
Festival de l'audiovisuel québécois ADATE (Association pour le développement de l'audiovisuel et de la technologie en éducation
November 7 1984, Montréal - Canada