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Latitude 55

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Wanda Woodsworth, a field worker for the Department of Culture, is on her way home to the city after a winter assignment in the northern part of Alberta. Her car breaks down on the deserted highway and as the weather worsens she finds herself stranded in the middle of a blizzard. Her initial calm gives way to anxiety and eventually to panic as she desperately tries to stay awake and alive. At the height of the blizzard, Wanda is rescued by a local potato farmer, Joseph Przysiezny, who carries her to a dilapidated shack nearby. For two days and two nights, while waiting for the blizzard to pass, two people stalk each other restlessly, inexorably, with humour and passion, in a painfully revealing series of confrontations that runs the gamut from mistrust and terror to physical intimacy and almost religious ecstasy. In Latitude 55, Wanda and Josef cross over a threshold that takes them beyond time and space, through a mirror towards strange, exotic, interior lands.

1980, 101 min 17 s