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Japanese Woman

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A film for those seeking insight into contemporary Japanese society, this one-hour documentary examines the status of women in Japan. Through a well-balanced blend of archival footage, candid interviews and fly-on-the-wall scenes of women at home and in the workplace, it investigates Japanese lifestyles, social values, labour practices and the women's movement. A film highly recommended for students of Sociology and Far Eastern and Women's Studies, as well as for those who intend to visit or do business with Japan. Related films: Japan Inc: Lessons for North America? (on business administration) and Children of the Tribe (on family life, education and child-rearing). (Short version available, 27:40, 106C 0186 107.)

1984, 52 min 27 s

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Silver Plaque - Category: Documentary
International Film Festival
November 9 to 23 1984, Chicago - USA

Silver Prize - Category: Films Dealing With Japan in General
Competition for Films on Japan
October 8 to 12 1984, Tokyo - Japan