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The Masculine Mystique

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What do "real men" think about feminism? Can they ever learn to adjust to life with a modern woman? The stories of four men and their relationships with women are interwoven to produce this unusual and intriguing feature-length dramatization. Blue, in his mid-thirties, has spent his adult years searching for the right woman, without any luck. He's baffled by women's liberation--what do they want? Alex, the same age as Blue, married with two small children, says he needs his freedom. He's having an affair. Mort and Ashley are both in their forties, divorced with children. Mort has found someone new but she balks at a permanent relationship. Ashley, devastated by his divorce, is unwilling to risk a new commitment. Their four stories, sometimes poignant, often very funny, are shown in dramatic sequences interspersed with scenes of confrontation. Among themselves the men probe why they act as they do. They attack and defend, and perhaps even learn a little about themselves and the changing role of men in today's society.

1984, 86 min 40 s

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Red Ribbon Award - Category: Contemporary Concerns / Feature
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
May 27 to June 1 1985, New York - USA