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The Last Right

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A seventy-nine-year-old man, living with his grandson's family, begins to lose his memory and his bearings. His condition, diagnosed as incurable, steadily worsens. When, angry and depressed, he decides to end his life by refusing to eat, his family must struggle with the moral dilemma. They are torn between respecting his wishes and seeking medical intervention to prolong his life. Many aspects of family life are woven into this drama, making it a rich film for discussion about old age, marriage and family responsibilities, and issues relating to home care of the elderly infirm.

1984, 28 min 50 s

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Honorable Mention
Itinerant - National Council on Family Relations
January 1 1988, Saint-Paul - USA

Honorable Mention
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 7 to 10 1987, Oakland - USA

Grand Prize - Category: Television Programs
International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films
June 7 to 15 1985, Varna - Bulgaria