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Feeling Yes, Feeling No

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Feeling Yes, Feeling No Parts 1, 2 and 3 are part of a sexual - assault - prevention program for young children. The purpose of this video is to give children the skills necessary to protect themselves from sexual assault--from strangers, from family members, from other trusted persons. Part 1 teaches children basic skills that build self-worth, self-confidence and good judgment. Part 2 reinforces the understanding of "Yes" feelings and "No" feelings and introduces skills to keep children assess potentially dangerous situations involving strangers. Part 3, introduces the issue of sexual assault by a trusted adult.

1984, 43 min 29 s

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ADATE Award - Category: Films made by the State
Festival de l'audiovisuel québécois ADATE (Association pour le développement de l'audiovisuel et de la technologie en éducation
October 23 1985, Montréal - Canada

Award for Best Human Relations Film
National Educational Media Network Competition
April 26 to 28 1985, Oakland - USA