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Throughout history, comets have stirred the human imagination. This information-packed, science animation film describes the general phenomenon of comets, and the radical transformations they undergo as they approach the sun. Superb drawings re-create the intergalactic universe with impact and accuracy. Particular attention is given to Halley's comet, which reappears every seventy-six years.

1985, 12 min 18 s

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Honorary Certificate
International Scientific Film Festival
November 16 to 20 1987, Beijing - China

Silver Dolphin Award - Category: Didactic and Informative Films
International Animated Film Festival / CINANIMA
November 18 to 22 1986, Espinho - Portugal

Honorable Mention
International Week of Scientific Film
October 27 to November 1 1986, Ronda-Malaga - Spain

Special Merit Award to Sidney Goldsmith - Category: Films from 5 to 15 minutes
International Animation Festival
September 29 to October 4 1986, Hamilton - Canada

First Place - Category: Science Films / Astronomy
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 15 to 18 1986, Oakland - USA

Best Educational Film
International Animated Film Festival
June 3 to 8 1985, Annecy - France