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Songs and Dances of the Inanimate World: The Subway / Chants et Danses du monde inanimé - Le Métro

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In this animation film without words, filmmaker Pierre Hébert and musicians Robert Lepage and René Lussier worked together, and separately, in their respective media. This cinema/music performance recreates, impressionistically, the dehumanizing environment of the urban subway. Drawings etch the outlines of people hurtling through space in underground tunnels. The sound track, elemental and atonal, gives compelling expression to their alienation.

1984, 14 min 23 s

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Bronze Dragon - Special Jury Award given for Music to Pierre Hébert, Robert Lepage and René Lussier
International Film Festival
May 27 to June 1 1986, Cracow - Poland

Best film - Category: Short / Full Length - with a cash prize of 2,300$.
Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma
January 29 to February 3 1985, Montréal - Canada