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The Settler

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This film shows the development of the Abitibi region of northern Québec, told in terms of the toil and sweat of the settlers who, in the 1930s, fled the depression-stricken St. Lawrence lowlands. With axe and saw, they carved homesteads out of the wilderness. Their hardships, hardly less than those encountered by the first Canadian pioneers, are recounted. How the forest gradually gave way to farm plots is shown. Twenty years later the village of St. Pierre is surrounded by agricultural lands, showing little trace of the labour they cost.

1952, 15 min 58 s

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Honourable Mention - Category: Theatrical Short
Genie Awards
May 10 1954, Montréal - Canada

Recognition of Merit
Annual Golden Reel Film Festival - Film Council of America
April 1 to 3 1954, Chicago - USA

Second Prize - Category: Education for Farmers
International Festival of the Agricultural Film
April 1 1953, Rome - Italy