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90 Days

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This tongue-in-cheek feature is about the misadventures of two modern men in search of bliss: macho Alex, who receives the offer of a lifetime, and sincere Blue, who goes to extravagant lengths to find the perfect bride. Alex, thrown out of the house by his wife and abandoned by his girlfriend, falls prey to a mysterious woman and her unsettling, though potentially profitable, proposition. Blue, in his relentless search, has resorted to a catalogue for a mail-order bride. He has 90 days to make up his mind before her visa expires. This warm and off-beat comedy is rich in observation of modern social mores.

1985, 99 min 33 s

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Honorable Mention - Quebec-Alberta Prize
Montreal World Film Festival
August 21 to September 1 1987, Montréal - Canada

Gold Toucan - Category: Best Actress (given to Christine Pak, tied with Glenda Jackson)
Festival international de cinéma, télévision et vidéo / FESTRIO
November 21 to 30 1985, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Gold Plaque - Category: Feature Film
International Film Festival
November 8 to 24 1985, Chicago - USA

Gold Ducat
International Film Festival
October 7 to 12 1985, Mannheim - Germany