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Discussions in Bioethics: The Old Person's Friend

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One of a series of short, open-ended dramas designed to stimulate discussion of values and ethics in relation to modern medical technology. An elderly woman, bedridden and with a history of strokes, refuses medical attention and creates a dilemma for the hospital's staff. Should she be allowed to die as she wishes or should everything possible be done to preserve life?

1985, 12 min 45 s

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International Film Screening Honorable Mention presented by the Royal Victoria Hospital in collaboration with McGill University
International Congress on Care of the Terminally
October 15 to 19 1988, Montréal - Canada

Prizes awarded to each of the eight films in the series - Category: Health and Medicine
Golden Gate Awards Competition & International Film Festival
March 25 1987 to April 4 2087, San Francisco - USA