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Every Dog's Guide to Complete Home Safety

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This hilarious animated film communicates over forty safety tips for homes with infants and young children. The film's hero is a very earnest, somewhat pompous, but endearing dog called Wally. A "professional" in home safety, Wally is assigned to a house with an infant whose parents have little safety consciousness. Accidents and near-accidents succeed each other with lightning speed, constantly putting Wally to the test. This comic film will help viewers of all ages become "home-safety smart." For parents, babysitters, and the elementary school classroom.

1986, 10 min 16 s

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Gold Apple Award - Category: Health and Maintenance / Safety for Young People
National Educational Media Network Competition
April 29 to May 1 1988, Oakland - USA

Silver Dolphin Award - Category: Didactic and Informative Films
International Animated Film Festival / CINANIMA
November 10 to 15 1987, Espinho - Portugal

Chris Award - Category: Education / Safety
International Film and Video Festival
October 28 to 29 1987, Columbus - USA

Second prize - Category: Short Films / Animation 8 to 15 minutes
International Children's Film Festival
October 16 to 25 1987, Chicago - USA

Gold Medal "Summa cum laude - Grand Prix World health Organization for the Best Health Education Film
Medikinale / International Medical and Scientific Film Festival - Prix Leonardo
October 13 to 18 1987, Parma - Italy

Best Educational Film Award
World Festival of Animated Film
October 3 to 8 1987, Varna - Bulgaria

First Prize - Category: Educational Films
International Animation Festival
August 21 to 26 1987, Hiroshima - Japan

UNICEF Jury Award - Category: Best Short Film
International Film Festival
February 20 to March 3 1987, Berlin - Germany