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In an animated film sprinkled with magic and stardust, an impish little girl from Hades turns common assumptions topsy turvy. Lucretia is very curious about Christmas, a subject she has never heard spoken of above a whisper. One Christmas Eve she sneaks away and, after searching the galaxy, discovers Christmas on Earth in the company of a new-found friend. Based on the poem Lucretia by author-journalist Peter Desbarats.

1986, 09 min 37 s

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Citation for Honorable Mention for Cinematography (Pierre Landry, Robin L.P. Bain, Raymond Dumas) - Category: Language Arts/Literary Adaptations
National Educational Media Network Competition
April 29 to May 1 1988, Oakland - USA

Bronze Plaque Award - Category: Arts and Culture - Animation
International Film and Video Festival
October 28 to 29 1987, Columbus - USA

First Prize - Category: Animation / Shorts Film, 8 to 15 minutes
International Children's Film Festival
October 16 to 25 1987, Chicago - USA

Second Prize - Category: Films for Children (Tied with The Amazing Bone by Michael Sporn)
International Animation Celebration
July 10 to 17 1987, Los Angeles - USA

Second Prize - Category: Films for Children
International Animation Festival
September 29 to October 4 1986, Hamilton - Canada