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First Journey, Fort William

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Set in 1815, this is the dramatic story of a child of the fur trade, son of a Native mother and a Scottish-Canadian fur trader. John Mackenzie's father is a wintering partner of the Montréal-based North West Company, which was for decades the wealthiest merchant enterprise in North America. To mark his entry into adulthood, twelve-year-old John is travelling for the first time to Fort William, the Company's lavish winter headquarters by Lake Superior. In following his journey, the film reveals the complex network of people--Scottish, French and Native Canadian--that made up fur-trading society and gave a unique flavor to the opening up of Canada's northwest. Meticulously recreated from historical records and shot on location at the restored Fort William, this is the second film in a series of Canadian historical re-enactments.

1987, 23 min 52 s

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PIMA (Pacific Instructional Media Association)
October 26 1988 to October 28 2088, Victoria, Canada