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Poundmaker's Lodge: A Healing Place

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Poundmaker's Lodge, named after a nineteenth-century Native leader, is a treatment centre in St. Albert, Alberta, where Native people troubled by addiction to drugs and alcohol can come together for mutual support, to partake of healing rituals like the sweat lodge, and to rediscover their traditions. The film places Native alcoholism in its historical and socio-cultural contexts. It shows the despair of a people dispossessed of land, culture, language and dignity, and their strength and courage in overcoming substance abuse.

1987, 29 min 27 s

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Bronze Apple Award - Category: Health/Drug and Alcohol Addiction
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 17 to 21 1989, Oakland - USA

Honorable Mention - Category: Health and Medicine / Addiction, Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco
International Film and Video Festival
October 26 to 28 1988, Columbus - USA