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Rendezvous Canada, 1606

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Meticulously drawn from historical records, Rendezvous Canada, 1606 re-creates the lives of two teenagers in radically different cultures. Andashee, a Wendat boy at Cahiague, deep in the interior, and Charles de Biencourt, a French boy at Port Royal--the first permanent European settlement north of Florida--never met. Yet they shared a pivotal time in Canada's history. In 1609, Andashee was one of the Wendat who met with Samuel de Champlain to negotiate an alliance that became the basis of the colony of Québec. On the east coast, the Mi’kmaq support of the French led to the formation of the colony of Acadia. The film is a testament to the role of Indigenous Peoples--Mi’kmaq, Wendat and Algonkian--in shaping New France and Canada.

1988, 29 min

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Honorable Mention - Category: Social Issues / Customs/Folklore
International Film and Video Festival
October 23 to 25 1990, Columbus - USA

Award for Costume and Set Design
International Children's Film Festival
October 12 to 21 1990, Chicago - USA