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Mile Zero: The SAGE Tour

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In September 1986, four Montreal high School students travelled right across Canada to speak in high schools about the threat of nuclear war and what they could do about it. Equipped with nothing but an ailing, third-hand station wagon, and leaflets and T-shirts to sell, they made their way from St. John's Newfoundland to the end of the Trans-Canada Highway on the west coast -- Mile "0". This film chronicles their voyage throught 150 Canadian communities, as well as the inevitable ups and downs of nine months on the road. This is a story about a generation finding its voice. More than of anything the message of the film is that individuals -- of any age-- can make a difference.

1988, 48 min 41 s

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Honorable Mention - Category: Social Issues
International Film and Video Festival
October 25 to 29 1989, Columbus - USA