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The Children's Crusade

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Flower children, hippies, drop-outs--names given to the radical youth of the 1960s. Their revolution grew out of a deep mistrust of the smug, postwar, middle-class world in which they had been raised. Against this background, Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson announced in 1965 the creation of the Company of Young Canadians to channel youthful energy into social and community development. Although the Company was plagued with mismanagement, political intrigue and controversy, and was eventually placed under trusteeship, valuable work was done by CYC workers in remote, poor and disadvantaged communities all over Canada. The children's crusade did not survive, but, as this documentary argues, the CYC, along with other young crusaders of the sixties, broke the ground for the formation of effective native associations, consumer pressure groups, the anti-nuclear movement, and for the breakdown of repressive sexual and educational traditions.

1984, 56 min 50 s