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Intercut with illustrative stock footage, Adam's World present a short lecture by Elizabeth Dodson Gray, a feminist theologian, environmentalist, and futurist. She speaks to us about the severity of our global environmental crisis, and analyzes the root cause of this crisis as lying in the perceptions, beliefs, and assumptions of the patriarchal system we have inherited.

Elizabeth Dodson Gray also offers a feminist perspective on language, and connects the vocabulary of feminized nature to the denigration of women in our culture. Citing such examples as "the exploitation of virgin resources" and "the rape of the earth," she analyzes the role of such language as well as that of male generic language in perpetuating our global crisis. Finally, she calls upon society to nurture the woman's point of view. For it is woman's care-giving capacities, affinity for the long-term future, and awareness of our interconnectedness with all species, that can help build a radically different ethic, and enable planet Earth to survive.

1989, 19 min 07 s

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Special Recognition for Screening
North American Assoc. for Environmental Education Film & Video Festival
September 24 to 29 1993, Big Sky - USA

Silver Screen Award
US International Film and Video Festival
June 7 1991, Redondo Beach - USA

Honorable Mention
International Film and Video Festival
April 1 to 14 1991, Sacramento - USA