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Entertaining. Funny. Provocative. Through a rich blend of fantasy and reality, this animation film offers a bold perspective on an as yet unresolved problem--the nature of human identity. When a scientist creates a machine that can make copies of physical objects including humans, a number of ethical questions arise. Is the technique moral? What of its safety? Oscar-winning filmmaker John Weldon (who also wrote the catchy banjo tune that punctuates the story's changing moods) uses paper and coloured pencils to create this intriguing concoction which will entrance viewers with its spellbinding story and witty details.

1990, 10 min 05 s

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Gold Camera Award - Category: Religion, Ethics, Brotherhood
US International Film and Video Festival
June 7 1991, Redondo Beach - USA

Gold Apple Award - Category: Social Sciences, High School
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 15 to 19 1991, Oakland - USA

Award for Best Philosophy and Religion Film - with a cash prize of 400$US
International Educational Film Festival
April 3 to 6 1991, Birmingham - USA

Gold Star Award
International Film and Video Festival
April 1 to 14 1991, Sacramento - USA

Certificate of Merit - Category: Animation
International Film Festival
October 12 to 25 1990, Chicago - USA