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Playing for Keeps

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In this grittily realistic documentary, Debbie, Karen and Tracey describe in their own words what it's like to be a teenage single mother. In the process of telling their stories, they talk about relationships, family support or the lack thereof, birth control, the economics of poverty, and their own truncated dreams and aspirations.

1990, 48 min 49 s

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First Place Award - Category: Non-Traditional Family Systems
Itinerant - National Council on Family Relations
November 15 to 20 1991, Denver - USA

Bronze Plaque Award - Category: Health and Medicine
International Film and Video Festival
October 22 to 24 1991, Columbus - USA

Honorable Mention
Festival de la télévision canadienne pour les enfants
June 12 to 14 1991, Saint-Sauveur - Canada

Blue Ribbon Award - Category: Documentaries for Children and Young Adults
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
May 27 to June 1 1991, Philadelphia - USA

Bronze Apple Award - Category: Teen Concerns / High School
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 15 to 19 1991, Oakland - USA

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