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Mirrors of Time

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How did our calendar come to be? Why do the seasons change? How did the days of the week get their names? And why is the year divided into days, weeks and months? From the Babylon of the moon-gazers to the Egypt of Eratosthenes and Ptolemy, through the Rome of the Caesars to the sixteenth-century Europe of Pope Gregory XIII, this is the awe-inspiring history of the measurement of time, presented in a fresh new way via the latest techniques in computer animation.

1990, 23 min 09 s

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Golden Book Trophy - Category: Best film of the Festival
International Educational Film Festival
November 6 to 12 1993, Roshd - Iran

Bronze Plaque Award - Category: Natural Sciences
International Film and Video Festival
October 20 to 22 1992, Columbus - USA

Certificate of Merit
International Children's Film Festival
October 9 to 18 1992, Chicago - USA

Best Animation Award
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
May 28 to 31 1992, Chicago - USA

Gold Apple Award - Category: Science, Theory and Applies / Senior High
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 20 to 25 1992, Oakland - USA

Gold CINDY Award
Itinerant - International CINDY Competition
February 6 1992, Washington - USA

Award for Best Foreign Film
Festival du film scientifique
November 20 to 26 1991, Palaiseau - France

ANZAAS / CSIRO Award for Best Science Film (Tied with Eclipse of the Man Made Sun, Australia) - with a cash prize of 1,500$
International Film Festival
June 7 to 22 1991, Melbourne - Australia