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Draw Me a Song

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In this charming animated short, a musician drops his son off at day care and returns home to work. Suddenly, the telephone rings. His son leaves a message on the answering machine, "I love you, Daddy." The father tries to concentrate on his composition, but the telephone rings throughout the day, the messages becoming more poignant. Touched by his child's love, the musician, at last, begins to play a beautiful melody on his clarinet. His imagination soars into the clouds and beyond, eventually gliding down to Earth on the beam of a spotlight, where he performs before a full audience. Every seat is occupied by his son, who sings along, "La, la, la, la..."

1991, 08 min 19 s

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Best Short Animated Film - Category: less than 10 minutes
International Children's Film Festival
October 9 to 18 1992, Chicago - USA

Camerio Humanitas Award
Carrousel international du film
September 22 to 29 1991, Rimouski - Canada