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Earth Walk

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Earth Walk is a journey away from fear, towards understanding. In search of healing, a woman follows her instinct: to be with other women in crisis. As her story entwines with each of theirs, she emerges from her confusion stronger, alive to the possibilities of renewing herself and our battered environment. Earth Walk speaks through sounds, myths, music and searing images, bringing us to deeper levels of awareness. Through each of our senses, we intuit the extraordinary power that resides within the earth, within our own bodies. One by one, the women in Earth Walk confront their fears with startling candor. Their courage takes us to places we may have been, but didn't see.

1990, 74 min 26 s

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Alcan Jury Award for Best Documentary (Tied with Je cherche le soleil, Finland) - with a cash prize of 2,000$
Festival of Films and Videos by Women (SILENCE ELLES TOURNENT)
June 5 to 15 1991, Montréal - Canada