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Two Sisters

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Viola writes novels in a darkened room. Marie, her sister and only companion, takes care of her every need. Together, they are an island unto themselves, quiet and complete in their isolation. And then the abrupt arrival of a stranger throws their tenuous order into chaos. An animated short etched directly onto tinted 70 mm film.

1991, 10 min 26 s

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Alberta - Quebec Award 1992 - Innovative cinema - with a cash prize of 1,250$ (tied with La Fourmi et le volcan)
Quebec-Alberta Prizes (Television - Cinema)
December 23 1992, Banff - Canada

Special Jury Award
International Animation Film Festival
December 5 to 10 1992, Shanghai - China

Grand Prize of the Festival - Award for Best Story
International Animation Festival
September 30 to October 4 1992, Ottawa - Canada

Honorable Mention - Category: Family
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
May 28 to 31 1992, Chicago - USA

Silver Apple Award - Category: Animation
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 20 to 25 1992, Oakland - USA

Best Film Award - Category: Animation - with a cash prize of 3,500FIM
International Film Festival
March 4 to 8 1992, Tampere - Finland

Award for the High Quality of the Production (tied with After the Oak Shed Its Leaves, Czechoslovakia) - Category: Films with a screening time from 10 to 40 minutes.
International Animated Film Festival / CINANIMA
November 12 to 17 1991, Espinho - Portugal

Grand Prize for the Best Film or Video in the Festival - with a cash prize of 2,000$
International Animation Celebration
October 31 to November 18 1991, Los Angeles - USA

Best Animation Award
International Short Film Festival
October 18 to 27 1991, Uppsala - Sweden

Best Film Award - Category: Fiction, Short Film
International Animated Film Festival
June 1 to 6 1991, Annecy - France