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Five Feminist Minutes

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Compilation of 16 films on feminist issues made by independent Canadian women filmmakers. Titles: No Choice: Abortion and how it relates to women living in poverty (6 min.); Exposure: A dialogue between a Japanese Canadian and an African Caribbean is intercut with images and writings of women on the issues of racism, homophobia, colonization and imperialism (8 min.); A Letter from Violet: Dedicated to the memory of Violet McNaughton, a Saskatchewan woman who was instrumental in women getting the vote in the province in 1916 (5 min. 12 sec.); New Shoes: An Interview in Exactly Five Minutes: The nature of documentary and the relationship between traditional romance and violence against women (5 min.); Escapades of the One Particular Mr. Noodle: A first generation Chinese-Canadian's attempt to fit into the white, middle class suburb of Lynn Valley, British Columbia (10 min. 52 sec); Come Into My Parlour: The story of the filmmaker's first driving lesson (5 min. 11 sec.); Shaggie - Letters from Prison: Through the use of personal letters, the filmmaker constructs a memory of her friend who was incarcerated at the age of thirteen and ended her life at the Prison for Women twenty years later (12 min.); Prowling by Night: In their own words using cut out animation, sex workers tell their stories (11 min.); Too Tough: Produced and directed by Anishnabe poet Marie Annharte Baker, her poetry about urban indigenous women's experience is read by Okanagan Syilx writer and activist Jeannette Armstrong (5 min.); We're Talking Vulva: A performance piece about female genitalia done in a rap music video style (5 min. 20 sec.); Family Secrets: Childhood memories of a girl and her grandfather fishing on a lake become frightening when she recalls that she was sexually abused (6 min.); Minqon Minqon: Wosqotomn Elsonwagon (Shirley Bear: Reclaiming the Balance of Power): Shirley Bear is a Malecite painter living in New Brunswick who reinterprets the ancient Malecite way of life (6 min. 45 sec.); Let's Rap: Women of a variety of ages and ethnic groups who have adopted rap music to express their view of the world (5 min. 30 sec.); The Untilled Story: An analogy of women as flowers who need nurturing by positive female role models (5 min.); Rhea: As faces speak names, all names come to denote a commonality (6 min. 50 sec.); and Petit Drame dans la vie d'une femme: Rebecca locks herself in the bathroom when she gets her first period. A French language film (6 min. 26 sec.).

1990, 113 min 40 s

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BLIZZARD Award - for Best Music Video (We're Talking Vulva)
The BLIZZARDS/Manitoba Motion Picture Ind. Ass. Film & Video Awards
February 12 1993, Winnipeg - Canada

Award for First Short Film (Prowling by Night) - with a cash prize of 1,000$
La Mondiale de films et vidéos réalisés par des femmes
April 17 to 28 1991, Québec - Canada

Moonsnail Award - Category: Short Documentary (Minoon Minoon)
FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival
September 25 to 30 1990, Halifax - Canada