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Walker is a young Indigenous boy in the foster care system whose only playmate is his dog. Jamie is a lonely young white boy who is afraid of dogs, and has some strange ideas about Indigenous Peoples. Walker ignores the racist jeering and taunting of the bigger boys and reaches out to Jamie. Together, they find friendship and understanding. Walker challenges racist attitudes toward First Nations, and shows how children from different backgrounds can form friendships. This film is part of the Playing Fair series. Educators are encouraged to preview the series before use and choose the dramas most age-appropriate for their students.

1991, 13 min 53 s

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Silver CINDY Award
Itinerant - International CINDY Competition
January 14 1993, New Orleans - USA

Award of Merit - Category: Videotape / Government Media Agency
Itinerant - AMTEC
June 13 to 17 1992, Victoria - Canada

Gold Apple Award - Category: Sexuality and Self-Esteem: Grade 4-6
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 20 to 25 1992, Oakland - USA

Best Film - Category: Guidance and Counseling
International Educational Film Festival
April 28 1992, Birmingham - USA