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Good Things Can Still Happen

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Good Things Can Still Happen is about feelings that may be experienced by a sexually abused child after disclosure. The main characters in the film are two children, Lucy and Kirby, who are friends. Lucy discloses to Kirby that she has been sexually abused, and the action develops from there, with a narrative voice commenting on the situation from time to time.

The film is made up of six parts centring on Lucy and Kirby's play, home and school life. Each part is separated from the next by a wash of colour on the screen, dividing the film into identifiable segments. The separations provide a place where the film can be stopped without interfering with the flow of the action. This format makes it easy to isolate specific topics for in-depth discussion.

Each of the six parts explores a basic feeling and its associated behaviours. The characters express feelings about disclosure, fear, anger, confusion, powerlessness, hope and eventual resolution. The characters' behaviour illustrates various ways that sexually abused children act out their inner emotional world. Because of the film's sensitive content, previewing before any use is strongly recommended.

1992, 21 min 44 s

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Red Ribbon Award - Category: Professional Training
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
May 26 to 30 1993, Chicago - USA