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The Northern Lights

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Since the beginning of time, people have gazed into the polar skies, spellbound by dancing beams of colour... the northern lights. Though scientists have advanced many theories to explain the aurora borealis, and aboriginal people around the northern pole have passed down their beliefs through the centuries, mysteries still linger. As the auroral curtains shimmer throughout this production, we experience a visual panorama of animated legends, international space launches, and indigenous people and scientists offering their perceptions of the wondrous northern lights.

1992, 47 min 40 s

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ANZAAS/CSIRO Prize for Best Science Film - with a cash prize of 1,500$AUST (ex aequo with On the Eight Day: Perfecting Mother Nature (Part II) Making Perfect Babies)
International Film Festival
June 4 to 19 1993, Melbourne - Australia

Honorable Mention - Category: Physical Science / New Technology
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
May 26 to 30 1993, Chicago - USA

Silver Apple Award - Category: Physical Science
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 18 to 23 1993, Oakland - USA

First Prize - Category: Math/Science and Technology - with a cash prize of 100$US
International Educational Film Festival
April 14 to 18 1993, Birmingham - USA