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A Feather Tale / La Basse Cour

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Taking on her lover's fantasies, a woman adorns herself in her finest feathers and assumes a seductive but demeaning role. Caught up in his own game, the man plays on to the bitter end--a cruel game in which love is stripped of its golden glow, leaving only the naked reality of dependency and desperation. Film without words.

1992, 05 min 29 s

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Silver Medal "Summa cum laude" - Category: Ecology
Medikinale / International Medical and Scientific Film Festival - Prix Leonardo
October 9 to 14 1995, Parma - Italy

Best Film in Category: B (5 to 30 minutes) - with a cash prize of 3,000DM
World Festival of Animated Films
June 13 to 17 1994, Zagreb - Croatia

Special Mention given by the Jury of the International Federation of Film Societies
International Short Film Festival
April 22 to 28 1993, Oberhausen - Germany

Montreal Grand Prix - Category: Best Short Film
Montreal World Film Festival
August 27 to September 7 1992, Montréal - Canada