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The Sniffing Bear / L'Ours renifleur

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A powerful animated film that uses the Arctic landscape and the traditional Inuit characters of the Bear, the Seal and the Owl to raise young people's awareness about the harmful effects that substance abuse represents. A strong discussion-starter that also includes a message on some positive aspects of peer pressure. A film without words.

1992, 07 min 47 s

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Gold Medal "Summa cum laude" - Category: Ecology
Medikinale / International Medical and Scientific Film Festival - Prix Leonardo
October 9 to 14 1995, Parma - Italy

Best Artistic Achievement in animation Award
New England Children's Film and Video Festival
November 19 to 21 1993, Medford - USA

Gold Medal - Category: Animation
Expo of Short Film and Video
November 12 to 13 1993, New York - USA

Honorable Mention
International Film and Video Festival
October 26 to 28 1993, Columbus - USA

Special Commendation
Festival internacional de Cine para Ninos / DIVERCINE
July 3 to 11 1993, Montevideo - Uruguay