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First Nations, The Circle Unbroken - Video 1

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The first of seven volumes which make up an anthology of 13 films dealing with issues related to First Nations peoples. Included in this volume: A revised version of Cree Hunters of Mistassini entitled Cree Hunters, Quebec Dams: In 1974 a Cree family winters on the land; twenty years later the Cree are still fighting the James Bay hydro projects (23 min.); an abridged version of Standing Alone: Pete Standing Alone, at age 50, reflects on his life and the life of the Blood Indians (20 min.); an abridged version of The Last Mooseskin Boat: The passing of a tradition of the Shotah Dene of the Northwest Territories as Gave Etchinelle returns to the mountains of his youth to build one last mooseskin boat (17 min.); and an abridged version of Kwa'nu'te: Three Micmac and Maliseet artists work with wood, pencil, paper, stone and quills (19 min.).

1993, 78 min 47 s