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The Measure of Your Passage

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This film is a voyage into the self - and into time. When a young woman learns she is harbouring the AIDS virus, she feels compelled to reflect upon human existence. She travels back to the Bronze Age. As she wanders in the ruined sites of the ancient Minoans, she observes that their passage is still visible four thousand years later. Today the world is held hostage by a killer disease that is stealthier than a volcano, but it exacts the same price. Now, as then, some profound questions exist: How does humanity define itself? How do we measure our passage?

1993, 29 min 14 s

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Genie Award for Best Short Documentary
Genie Awards
December 12 1993, Montréal - Canada

Clé d'Argent Award - Category: Professional
International Festival Cine-video Psy
June 8 to 11 1993, Lorquin - France

First Prize - with a cash prize of 250$ (tied with El Fatha)
La Mondiale de films et vidéos réalisés par des femmes
March 25 to April 3 1993, Québec - Canada

Special Jury Mention - Section: Quebec Competition
Festival du nouveau cinéma
March 23 to 28 1993, Montréal - Canada

Normande-Juneau Prize - Category: Best Short Film awarded by l'Association québécoise des critiques de cinéma
Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma
February 4 to 13 1993, Montréal - Canada