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Seen...But Not Heard

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A docudrama for general audiences and those who work with children, abused women, and assaultive men. It explores the many serious emotional and physical effects on children who witness violence in their homes. This video combines documentary interviews with dramatized scenes. The scenes are a fictional composite based on many interviews and reports from real life. The docudrama focuses on the point of view of the child who witnesses violence. It explores the emotional and physical effects which violence can have upon its indirect victims, the children for whom home is not a safe place. This video was originally developed to be used in a training program for counsellors of children who have witnessed abuse in their homes. This video also provides valuable information for any professional working with children, abused women, and assaultive men and is suitable for general audiences who have been properly briefed. A study guide accompanies this video.

1993, 29 min 30 s