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Ex-Child / Ex-enfant

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A young boy and his father are enlisted to fight in the war. The boy's pride soon turns to fear as the bullets whistle overhead. His father takes his place and is immediately shot and killed. Horrified, the boy understands that war is not a game. Based on article 38 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, this film illustrates the right of children under the age of 15 not to be recruited into the armed forces. Film without words.

1994, 04 min 57 s

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Giffoni Film Festival Award - for the Rights from the Heart Series (3 parts) for all-round constant creative achievement and artistic integrity in the cinema
Film Festival
July 20 to 27 1997, Giffoni - Italy

Los Angeles Animation Competition / World Animation Celebration (Wacfest)
March 24 to 30 1997, Los Angeles - USA

Special Prize for its artistic treatment of a very serious human subject and message
International Animation Festival
August 22 to 26 1996, Hiroshima - Japan

Honorable Mention - Category: F
International Animated Film Festival / CINANIMA
November 7 to 12 1995, Espinho - Portugal

Second Prize - Animated Short Film under 6 minutes
International Children's Film Festival
October 6 to 15 1995, Chicago - USA

Liv Ullman Peace Award
International Children's Film Festival
October 6 to 15 1995, Chicago - USA

UNICEF Prize - Short Film (Film which denounces the exploitation of children in time of war)
International Animated Film Festival
May 30 to June 4 1995, Annecy - France

Camério Humanitas Award
Carrousel international du film
September 18 to 25 1994, Rimouski - Canada