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The Mare's Egg

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A pioneer's life may be a hard one, but there's no doubt that a little optimism goes a long way. Confused by advice on what to avoid when buying a horse, our gullible settler is fooled into buying a "mare's egg"--to hatch his own colt! After weeks without success, he tosses the "egg" into the bushes--with hare-raising results! But as he chases after the "hatched colt," he remembers the advice: big ears--stubborn; big teeth--a biter; low in the hindquarters--a runaway for sure. Well, maybe he's better off without this one, and off he goes on his optimistic way--with plans to save up and buy another egg! Adapted from a story by Carole Spray.

1995, 11 min 23 s

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Gold Plaque
INTERCOM International Communication Film and Video Festival
October 12 to 25 1995, Chicago - USA

Silver Screen Award
US International Film and Video Festival
June 5 1987, Redondo Beach - USA

Gold Apple Award - Category: Language Arts / Filmstrips
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 7 to 10 1987, Oakland - USA

Silver Medal - Category: Language Arts
Annual Awards Competition / International Film & Television Festival
October 31 to November 14 1986, New York - USA

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