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Increasingly, middle-class families in the developed world who are unable to have children seek to adopt in the Third World where middlemen are making money out of misery and turning international adoption into a trafficking operation in babies. In El Salvador, women tell how soldiers snatched their babies from their arms during the civil war, babies who were later adopted abroad. In Central America, stolen children are kept in illegal nurseries and women are paid to act as mothers, giving them up for adoption. Also shown is the situation of the man in Mississippi, the natural father of a baby who was given up for adoption without his consent. Nevertheless, elimination of the middlemen allows humanitarian programs such as the one in Haiti, under which two British Columbian families adopt babies from unfortunate families seeking a secure future for their children.

1995, 59 min 54 s

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Gold CINDY Award
Itinerant - International CINDY Competition
March 12 to 15 1997, Spring Valley - USA

Honorable Mention
International Film and Video Festival
October 22 to 24 1996, Columbus - USA

Certificate for Creative Excellence - Category: Social Issues
US International Film and Video Festival
June 4 to 5 1996, Redondo Beach - USA

Gold Apple Award
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 18 1996, Oakland - USA