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The Mind of a Child

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Children on the edge

How can children adapt and do more than survive in neighbourhoods where violence is common? How can they learn in schools where teachers have given up on them?
This challenging documentary follows the successful work of Lorna Williams, who set out to help Indigenous children in Canada who are dropping out of school, losing hope, and committing suicide in terrifying numbers. Her search led her to Reuven Feuerstein, an Israeli psychologist who began his work with the children of the Holocaust.

Feuerstein's ideas provide deep insight into the way children learn. Lorna returned to Canada with a renewed approach to teaching that reveals the intelligence and ability of the children, and helps them to build missing skills. The same methods prove useful with children "at risk" in the inner-city neighbourhoods of Washington, D.C.

Endorsed by a Royal Commission

Feuerstein's "mediated learning" theory and teaching methods, as adapted by Lorna Williams, have been recommended by the Canadian Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples.

1995, 59 min 31 s