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War at Sea: The Black Pit

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Using a dynamic mix of archival footage, interviews with veterans, and dramatization, War at Sea documents the role of the Royal Canadian Navy and Merchant Navy in the Battle of the Atlantic. Part II: The Black Pit highlights the story of slow convoy SC 107 and recalls the infamous area in the middle of the Atlantic where air cover was not provided for convoy protection. As slow convoy SC 107 entered the "Black Pit," her ships became sitting ducks for the pack of U-boats which converged on it. The terrible sacrifice of Canadian sailors and ships illustrated behind-the-scenes allegations of negligence and incompetence which swirled around top naval staff. A secret government memo prophesied: "Someday this story will be out." By mid-war, the Canadian Navy was providing more than half the convoy escort service across the Atlantic. Though hampered by overstretched resources, lack of training, and primitive equipment, courageous Canadian seamen held the line during the battle's dark winter months and played a crucial role in the victories to come.

1995, 48 min 04 s

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