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The school's two turtles have gone missing! Four children and a humanoid TV are on the case. In this live-action comedy satirizing TV's violent ways, the four eleven-year-olds discover that TV solutions and real-life solutions don't always mix. Live TV features a television that morphs to life as a goofy action superhero. He arrives to "save the day" and help the kids solve their mystery. This six-foot, live-action version of TV has lots of ideas, but none of them work in real life--especially the fighting stuff. Finally, tempers fray. Egged on by TV, the four friends fall out--until they realize that TV doesn't have all the answers. When the kids take charge and use their wits, the turtle mystery is solved.

1996, 21 min 39 s

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Bronze Apple Award
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 1 1997, Oakland - USA

Gold CINDY Award
Itinerant - International CINDY Competition
March 12 to 15 1997, Spring Valley - USA

Honorable Mention
International Film and Video Festival
October 22 to 24 1996, Columbus - USA