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Paint Cans

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Set in Toronto and Cannes, Paint Cans is a satirical comedy about a trendy, middle-aged government film bureaucrat named Wick Burns. Trouble begins when his old film school chum, the slick and good-looking Vittorio Musso, comes into his office one day with a proposal for a "meta-film." He is backed by sleazy producer Neville Lewis and his flamboyant sidekick, Morton Ridgewell. Wick hates the script and its director, but when he flies to Cannes and falls in love with the youthful Arundel Merton his feelings for Vittorios's meta-film start to change. In betweeen busy efforts at seducing nubile "wanna-be" actresses and ongoing combat with his cranky, bureaucrat-hating World War II veteran father, Wick begins to lose his bearings and hurtles towards a murderous, but ultimately funny, climax that surprises everyone--no one more than Wick himself. Based on the book by Paul Donovan.

1995, 101 min 35 s