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Mischa Weisbord. The name was once legendary to music lovers throughout Europe. He played for kings, was hailed as 'the new Paganini,' and performed in Carnegie Hall and the most prestigious theatres of Europe. Yet when he died in 1991, alone and impoverished in a Brooklyn apartment, his body lay undiscovered for days. He had not performed for decades, and his neighbours knew nothing of his past as a wunderkind violinist, the toast of London and Paris. Who was Mischa Weisbord and why did he die in such obscurity? Director David Vaisbord, Mischa's nephew, takes us on a personal journey from Russia, through Europe and Israel, to New York City. Through conversations with friends, family and admirers, the mystery of his uncle Mischa is unravelled over time and distance. Mischa explores the phenomenon of the child prodigy, and the complexities of the musical world. As the journey to discover Mischa unfolds, the director pays bittersweet homage to his memory, and reflects on his own childhood in the dark, yet brilliant, shadow of his uncle.

1996, 44 min 36 s

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Gold Apple Award
National Educational Media Network Competition
May 1 1997, Oakland - USA

Award of Excellence
Itinerant - AMTEC
June 14 1996, Vancouver - Canada