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Planet Earth (Episode 5)

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Three National Film Board of Canada films are presented by on-camera host Monique Mojica. Nahanni: The legend of a lost gold mine and a river in the Northwest Territories that lures men to their doom. Albert Faille, an aging prospector, has set out time and again to find hidden gold. His route takes him through a wild and awesome land particularly suited to the mood of this Canadian odyssey (18 min. 24 sec.). Family Down the Fraser: Richard and Rochelle Wright and their two sons travelled the Fraser River from Cache Tête Jaune to the Pacific coast in a rubber raft. In addition to being a great adventure, the trip brought them into contact with people who told them some of the history of the river, and acquainted them with lifestyles vastly different from their own citified ways (27 min. 52 sec.). Log Driver's Waltz: A young girl who loves to dance is ready to marry and chooses a log driver over his more well-to-do, land-loving competition. Driving logs down the river has made him the best dancing partner to be found. This lighthearted, animated tale is based on the song The Log Driver's Waltz by Wade Hemsworth. Kate and Anna McGarrigle sing to the music of the Mountain City Four (3 min. 17 sec.). Part five of a thirteen part collection of films on environmental themes.

1995, 50 min 54 s