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Planet Earth (Episode 7)

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Four National Film Board of Canada films are presented by on-camera host, Monique Mojica. Triangle Island: Forty miles northwest of Vancouver Island lies Triangle Island, an ecological reserve and home of close to one million birds. Bristol Foster, head of the British Columbia Ecological Reserves Program, stresses the need of preserving the ecological balance as he guides us through colonies of birds and sea lions (13 min. 12 sec.). Estuary: Many estuaries on the west coast of Canada are being drained to accommodate new housing and industry. This film demonstrates the importance of the estuary; its environmental function, the natural forces that control it, and its particular ecology. Microphotography affords unusual shots of tiny creatures hunting and eating their prey (11 min. 30 sec.). The Temperate Rain Forest: A look at the special characteristics, including the life cycle and food chain, of the northwest coastal rain forest. Its highly acidic soil results in a specialized plant community and an abundance of amphibians and reptiles (16 min. 13 sec.). The Intertidal Zone: An analysis of the ecology of the intertidal zone in British Columbia, that area covered by the highest tides and exposed during the lowest. Adaptations to this difficult environment are detailed, as well as its life cycles and food chains (16 min. 58 sec.). Part seven of a thirteen part collection of films on environmental themes.

1995, 51 min 58 s