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Planet Earth (Episode 9)

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Two National Film Board of Canada films are presented by on-camera host Monique Mojica. Land in Trust: A film on soil conservation, showing problems facing farmers in different areas of Canada. Many scenes of soil eroded, gouged and leached out by water, and of soil blowing away, prove the ominous necessity of understanding and preserving the land if we are to continue to reap vital crops. The development of soil through the centuries, the articular conservation problems in eastern and western Canada, and how soil fertility may be restored and maintained are dealt with in detail (27 min.). Across Arctic Ungava: The record of an expedition by four scientists and Indigenous guides into the unmapped wilderness of the Ungava Peninsula. Crossing this territory in large canoes, they collect samples of Arctic flora and rocks at each stop, take readings of soil temperature, and record the correct bearings for rivers and lakes en route. The keen excitement of opening a new chapter in Canadian exploration is evident throughout the film (20 min.). Part nine of a thirteen part collection of films on environmental themes.

1995, 52 min

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