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Planet Earth (Episode 10)

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Three National Film Board of Canada films are presented by on-camera host Monique Mojica. The Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes: A lesson in geography, which concludes that although the Great Lakes have had their ups and downs, nothing has been harder to take than what people have done to them lately. A lone canoeist lives through the changes of geological history, through Ice Age and flood, only to find himself in the end trapped in a sea of scum (16 min. 40 sec.). Gulfstream: A clear explanation of the origin, nature and importance of the Gulf Stream, through a sailing voyage from the equator to Nova Scotia. Winds, tides, currents and marine biology are discussed scientifically, but the beauty and mystery of these phenomena also come through with great visual impact (27 min. 52 sec.). Sky: From the height of the Rockies on the rim of the western plains, the film catches and condenses the astounding spectacle of a day in the life of the sky. Photographed with many kinds of lenses and at different camera speeds, the result is a cinematographic experience of rare beauty--every changing mood of the sky is vividly registered (10 min.). Part ten of a thirteen part collection of films on environmental themes.

1995, 51 min 59 s